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Curly Warrior

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15 October 1975
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I'm 33 and have pretty much lost the first adult life I had, including my home, two jobs, and many of my friends. I'm living with the 2 out of my 4 parents that I don't really get along with and am terribly lonely. /whining So right now, I'm all about starting over. I'm going to college (undergrad) with the eventual goal of being an accountant. Eh, it's a living. I'm very lucky to have a great family and a few friends who have stuck by me through all this, and I'm hoping that my 14-year-old sister and 12-year-old brother will be able to look back on this one day and see a vaguely positive response to tough times.

I'm autistic, and I tend to learn by getting interested in something new and harping on it until people around me are fitting me for a muzzle. Yes, I'm one of those insufferable people who can quote whole 10-minute conversations from the Star Wars trilogy. I've also been trying to learn more about philosophy, since I never got the chance to study it seriously in high school or college. History was one of my better subjects and I'm consistently appalled at how little most people seem to know. I'm one of those godless commie liberals...actually, I tend to think there is value in every religious tradition, I intend to spend some time studying each one that I'm aware of, and I wish people who are spending their lives trying to convince everyone that their way is the only right one would use all that energy fighting for nondenominational peace and justice instead. I can understand basic stuff in 4 different modern languages, but I can't learn to speak any language other than English and I'm rubbish at learning to do new things. It's hard for me to list interests below because even though I'm not good at much of anything, I am interested in everything! And if there's something you're passionate about, spend the day with me and I'll probably be interested in it too. In spite of my struggles, I still enjoy meeting and talking to new people, and if you're reading this I'd love to get to know you!

Asexuals Can Love Too.

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